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  1. Kianna 7 months ago

    It is enlightening to see an article discussing the culture representation in education. We often neglect the time in which there was no diversity in schools and it was all majority and no minority. Though diversity is something some schools still lack today the fact that the schools are acknowledging it and devoting their time to find solutions is comforting. Being someone who is apart of the minority it was hard to find representation of my culture in the small town I grew up in this being because the population was primarily caucasian. These being my circumstances I truly didn’t know what a diverse school was like let alone a diverse community until when I moved and transferred schools. The culture shock was overwhelming yet comforting at the same time I finally felt like I was apart of a majority. These being my circumstances I can understand that even in this day and age there is still a lack or representation of culture in curriculum thus making it a priority of the school boards to find way of incorporating different cultures within their academic atmospheres to create a more unified and representative environment. If interested here is another article that highlights the benefits of citizenship in the classroom. https://www.tolerance.org/culture-classroom

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