Am I ready to graduate? Yes, because I would have a better job to support my family. I’ll be the first member of the family graduating and making my mom watch me walk that stage is my goal ever since high school. I need to set a goal to my brothers, so the next time they give up they see I didn’t give up. Instead, my brothers will see that I succeeded because I want them to have a brighter future. I’m going to get that diploma to show all those who have failed me and said I wouldn’t make it, I’ll prove them wrong. I will reach my goal, no matter what.

Currently, I am at GPA Lanier trying to finish the credits I am missing. It’s hard because we have a certain time to turn in our work, but there I am day and night working on my stuff trying to finish and get to a right percentage for each class. When I get home first thing, I open my laptop and continue working. I will work until I succeed.

As an Animal Attendant, you will not need a specific college education. Instead, you learn from the on the job training if you don’t know. They do the easy stuff like bathing the animals,feeding them,etc. When an animal is injured an Animal Attendant will be able to help you. They earn a median salary of $20,340 less than a Veterinarian. I will work and accomplish many things as I succeed as an Animal Attendant.


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