So far, the plot in Nobody else’s reminds me that my family is very different from this story. Well, the story is about a mother, her boyfriend and her daughter. This story tells us that it was a couple of young people who had an accident and from that accident a baby was born. The baby’s mother did not have her baby, but the neighbors had her baby, because after the baby was born they only let her see her once, because her dad said that would make things easier for her. That was when he acted in a very criminal way because he made the decision to steal his own daughter. That in my family is something that has never been seen and that I believe will never be seen. And I have not heard a case like that either because almost all mothers take care of their babies, or give them in adoption and if they do not make the decision to abort, although it is better to give a baby in adoption if you do not want it, because it is one more life in this world that does not deserve to be subjected to an abortion because of an error of the parents.

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