The term American creed has many different meanings and notions for people around the world. As we start to explore what values and beliefs that Americans hold true to themselves, you start to realize what you value in American culture. As the world around us slowly starts to evolve and grow, so do our beliefs and customs. I have thought about what American values I respect and realize that it isn’t the same for everyone else. What does it mean to be an American? I think it means showing your own unique personality and using it to help contribute to the greater purpose. People have come from all walks of the planet and just because they dress different, have money, talk different, doesn’t mean they are any less American than you are me. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for unique thoughts that have pushed our country forward. I believe that all Americans have something valuable to contribute to our society. “In a society, we try to live our lives together guided by common values, in part because we know they do for us what laws cannot,” (John Grossenbacher). John shows us that our values help define not only us but the American society. One value that I find inevitable is privacy and maintaining it as our world starts to grow. As technology starts to become a center of many of our lives, privacy needs to be insured for the American people. If we don’t have privacy, then we can’t respect each other at a level that we must retain to be productive. Another American value that I believe is important to have is a strong sense of nationalism toward our country. We must be proud to represent such an amazing country and realize that we live in a place with attributes that can’t be replicated anywhere else. If we aren’t proud to wear the American label, then our ancestors died in vain.  But this also means that Americans need to be held accountable of acting mature and can’t be acting crazy and putting down the American values. I believe that the American creed must be passed down through generations. America is about being able to work hard and with a little bit of patience, you will be able to obtain your dreams. A majority of Americans live by the dogma, “No pain, no gain”. We see people at face value but until we turn our late nights into success and our dreams into reality, that is when the American culture becomes something deeper than words. The American dream goes hand to hand with our values and we are shaped by what we believe in. American Creed means a lot of different things to different people but we must realize that it is a central core around our nation.


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  1. Eric 7 months ago

    Hey, I agree that no matter how a person talks, acts, and dresses, we should respect them as Americans (assuming they address themselves as Americans). The belief that hard work always pays off is usually true as well. I believe you can extend some of the points to substantiate them to improve your paragraph. Good work overall.

  2. Dean 7 months ago

    Hey Ej, first of all, I really like the picture you used. I strongly agree with what you said about meaning of being American. We are all unique and we try to make things better. I also believe that every American has some value to contribute to our society. The idea of working hard and achieving their dream is one of my key ideas too.

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