Individualism is a defining american trait. From immigrants to rednecks, individualism is what makes americans so different from the rest of humanity. American individuality was born in the early 1900’s when immigration was at an all time high and people from different cultures and backgrounds came to the same place to star a new life. Let America Be America by Langston Hughes says that individualism is the result of a person’s hard work and their beliefs (Hughes). Hard work and personal beliefs is what allowed people to achieve their american dream which at the time tended to include owning farmland on the countryside. But with the political divide and current world events such as terrorism, the american people have become more negative and hesitant to accept foreign cultures and people. This negativity is summarized in O’Captain My Captain as the text can be interpreted in way that portrays the american people hesitate towards violence and change (Whitman). But americans have always been able to overcome negativity as seen during the civil war and the reconstruction. In the Prayers of Columbus as it talks about how even if you are scared that you should always hang on to hope (Whitman).


Whitman, Walt. Prayers Of Columbus. Unknown, 1900.

Hughes, Langston. Let America Be America. Unknown, 1936.

Whitman, Walt. O’ Captain My Captain. Unknown, 1865.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Indivisualism by Chandan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Michael 3 days ago

    Hey Chandan, I agree with your points in this post. Individualism is a core american value. All your points were strong and you cited sources to back up your claims. Good job

  2. Andre 3 days ago

    As soon as I saw that you wrote this, I clicked on it because you always state some big facts. And this, this is an example of that. Best part about it was that I liked how your post was short but it contained heavy information.

  3. Eric 3 days ago

    I enjoy how you put multiple sources and poems into your poem and summarizing them while relating them to individuality. I really enjoy the point you made, but I do believe you can continue to build off your point and extend your paragraph as well.

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