Author: Ashley

My Hispanic Block

   Family, love,and loyalty are important to me. I was born in Lincoln Hospital, Bronx,NY. I lived on 179th St. and Park Avenue with my grandmother, my grandfather and my dad. My grandfather was the building super. In and out of school I like to sleep. I’m good at communication; even when I was young I liked to communicate.. My plan in the future is to be a manager of a famous basketball player or team. I would want to live in a big house and travel the world.

  In my family we speak Spanish so at a very young age I was taught how to speak Spanish. My family especially my grandmother and my grandfather are from puerto rico. Where I was raised on 179th there were a lot of Hispanic people. So we did a lot of things in common. The people in the community and my family were more like family so we ate the same things, listened to the same music, enjoyed playing dominos and enjoyed each other’s company.

  On February 3rd 2016 my brother went to court and after they dismissed his court case the police put him in handcuffs again. My brother was put in handcuffs for a crime someone on the block where he lived did but my brother was the one that was blamed. My brother was not on the block at the time that the crime was committed. Till this day there is no proof that he has done anything but he is in Riker’s for 3 years.