relojes photoSo far the story of Jeanne’s The  three wishes-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont reminds me of an experience I had.One day my family and I went for a walk to the water park, but just that day my friend had a party and it was I heard that I wanted to go to both places. When my dad asked me if I wanted to go to where I wanted to go to both places I wanted to go and he said that I did not have to choose one that I thought very well. I went to my friend’s party, but it turned out that on that day I had an exam and I missed going to the park with my family and my friend’s party. In this story a couple that was happy, they wanted everything and they were given the opportunity of opting it but they did not think well and they lost it again and they stayed like at the beginning.He talked about a woman and a man who were happy, but they wanted to be happier having more money, a long life, good health among other things. day a fairy appeared to them who would counsel them three desires, but she told them to think it through because they would only be those three desires. That same day they were at the campfire thinking about their wishes and the woman without thinking said  ” as I would like there to be a sausage at the campfire ” and suddenly one appeared. The very angry husband told him ” that you have done you have wasted one of our wishes as I would like that sausage was stuck to your nose ” and so It was. The very angry wife says ” what have you done you have taken revenge on me and now we only have one wish and we will use it to fix this problem and we will stay as at the beginning with nothing ” and so it was. This reminded me that we can not obtain everything at the same time, if not little by little.


Photos by Arjan Richter,

Photo by Arjan Richter

Photo by Arjan Richter

  1. Emma 2 years ago

    Sofia, thank you for sharing your stories and discussing this book. I thought you did a fantastic job of making connections to fully analyze your reading. Because I haven’t personally read this book, it was helpful to hear a more relatable story from your life to understand it better. Thank you again!

  2. Anthony 2 years ago

    I like this post Sofia, I think we all have times when we need to choose between one thing or another. Its important that we slow down and think about each option before choosing one.

  3. Penelope 2 years ago

    I love all of these connections. The stories are very interesting and left me intrigued. Everything happens in it’s own time and sometimes things don’t work out. You need to pace yourself out in life and know when to do certain things, and I think you described it all very well.

  4. Natalia 2 years ago

    Dear Sofia,

    I was intrigued by your post, “Everything in its time” because you write about an important central idea. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “In this story a couple that was happy, they wanted everything and they were given the opportunity of opting it but they did not think well and they lost it again and they stayed like at the beginning” because it is so ironic that they could have had such different lives, but they ended up in the exact same situation. I agree that this speaks to the idea of not being able to have everything at once, but I also think the text speaks to the idea of selfishness. It seems that both characters were only thinking about themselves, instead of their lives together.

    Thanks for writing. I look forward to reading what you write next because it seems you make great connections to what you read. I like how you connected the story to the time you wanted to go to the water park and your friend’s party–but then couldn’t go to either!

    Ms. Navarro

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