Posted by Jadyn on October 3, 2018

Identity Of I

Hello my name is Jadyn and this is my shadow box. The shadow box is used to represent my true self. It exemplifies my culture, everyday hobbies, features, and religion. To start off I am African American which is one of my assigned identities. I show pictures in my box that give a clear idea of my culture. I also needed to add my everyday hobbies because these are things that I spend most of my time on and have true talent in . My features have a big impact on my identity because my Dad’s side of the family has strong features and they go through everyone in the family. With our long legs ,pointy knees, freckles, and small moles on our lips. You can think of it as, every adult on my dads side has their own look alike. I have two aunties and two cousins; a boy and a girl that come from one of my aunties. My boy cousin looks like my dad. My girl cousin looks like my first auntie and I look like my second auntie. On my moms side we also have connections with features me, my mom , and my grandma all were born with twelve fingers and all were cut off at birth. I was born into a spiritual family we all go to church and have a strong relationship with God. I am a Christian and always want to make sure my relationship with God is strong by just talking because it doesn’t matter how much you go to church it all comes down to how strong your relationship is. This is my my shadow box and it breaks down the true me.