1.Am I following the right mindset that would make me successful? (Responsibility, character, charisma, dedication)

  1. Am i dreaming to much or do i need to check in with reality about my future? (hesitation, procrastinating,reality, illusions)

3.What’s holding me back from being sucesfull?(mindset,unwilling,insecure,work ethic)

4.Would my life be diffrent if i grew up diffrently?(imagination,childhood,peers,community)

5.What can I do to make a impact on my community?(role model,time,persevience,hope)

6.How have I been feeling?(self awearness,prespective,mindset,emotions)

7.Do i have what it takes?(motivation,dreams,talent,hunger)

8.Why do i want to succeed?(mob mentality,Family,materialistic,wealth)

9.What does success mean to me?(materialistic,money,prespective,lifestyle)                                                             10.Why were you born into this world?(mystery,seed,hope, origin)


                                                  World questions                                                                                                                        1.If God existed why did he put us in this planet?(creation, humanity, evil, perspective)

2.When were on our low ground why do we always turn to religion?(hope,insecure,forgiveness,change)

3.Does the world care about any of us?(extinction, reproduction, reality, simulation)

4.Does luck exist?(system, science, unnatural, force)

5.Are we the only ones in this solar system?(secrets, technology, data, science)

6.Why does the world only care about money?(government, politics, business, life, power)

7.Does everything happen for a reason?(God,statistics,universe,time)

8.Can time be altered?(Math,Future,present,past)

9.Where did Human race come from?(Secrets,background,race,universe)

10.Is everything just mental?(humans,brain,neurons,perspective


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