Unequal government regulations begin with different facilitated conditions that limit certain groups or specific people from having the same opportunities as everyone else. This may be unintentional but in many cases, the laws explicitly and purposefully limit these group’s opportunities. Some examples are limitations in voting laws, policing laws, such as traffic searches and forced seizure of possessions, environmental laws, health care laws, and labor laws.

I am going to be specifically focusing on healthcare laws in the US. As Dr. Robert Pearl said, “The country is in a state of health care denial.” People are beginning to question is America’s health care system is really the best in the world, with the increasing instances of unequal regulation and treatment. Low-income families have less of a chance to receive health care benefits or substantial benefits at all. Along with 35% of minorities in the US had difficulty getting the care they deserved while 25% of white Americans with the same income received health benefits.

Is there a solution to this problem? One proposed solution is getting rid of the copayment before a doctors visit. Many low-income families cannot pay that amount of money upfront with no warning. “That leaves many facing a choice between debt or care.” Obamacare helped to partially solve the solution by financially covering about half of the uninsured, however, that does not cover the massive deductibles these low-income families must pay.

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  1. James 2 years ago

    Hi Sophie, this was a great topic to choose and is a very important issue in our country right now. Healthcare is a very difficult issue to approach without offending both sides of the isle, and I think you have some good points such as getting rid of copayments. Copayments are a start but there’s much more that goes into healthcare availability while maintaining quality of care, I think you should further your section on solutions. Interesting Article and I hope to read more of your writing.

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