10 Questions to myself

  1. Do I want to succeed?(money, daughter, future, happiness)
  2. Am I a good mother?(love,time,dedication, caring)
  3. Where do i want to live?(mexico, happiness, family, helpful)
  4. Will i love my job?(own boss, dedication, love, grind)
  5. Will my family expand?(indecisive, loneliness, stay true to myself, providing)  
  6. Will i travel the world?(plane, cruise, money, family)
  7. Am i gonna be a wellness coach?(help,care, living, weight)
  8. Will i marry the man that i’m with?(love, tolerant, fights, communication)
  9. Am i being a good girlfriend?(communication, clean, cook, chores)
  10. Where will i be in five years?(car, job, house, money)

10 Questions to the world.

  1. Where is this world gonna be in 10 years?(living, jobs, recycle, trash)
  2. Will people help other people?(care,kind,attention,dedication)
  3. Are my kids gonna be successful?(jobs,happiness,family,love)
  4. Will the scientist know what causes cancer?(studying, not making anything up,working)
  5. Will we achieve our goals?(happiness, jobs, money,marriage)
  6. Why do we struggle with money?(government, racism, potential,homeless)
  7. Can we stop racism?(careless,teaching,love,kindness)
  8. Will my kids be happy?(attention,tolerant,family, happiness)
  9. Is this world gonna end?(researching,studying,obesity)
  10. Are we the only humans alive?(solar system, universe,numbers)


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  1. Iyana 2 years ago

    I feel like these questions are amazing because it not only allows someone to see what kind of things you want for yourself, but also the type of questions you wrote down a lot of people would be able to connect with. When you asked the question ” Am i a good mother ” i don’t know you but i feel like no one should be able to have you feel like your doing a bad job as long as you keep a smile on your face your doing an amazing job. Thank you for helping the world understand like there will be a different kind of mindset in the next 10-20 years .

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