This shadow box has one of the most important things that represent me like my race and my gender identity. These items have meanings which are important to me because it has help me understand today’s society. The inside of my box which is the Counter Narrative has some items like family, my race, my gender and other things. Many people assume that my family or my race (Mexican) are drug dealer or criminals but I’m going against those stereotypes because what I see through my eyes is loving people that care for each other. I didn’t put my nationality because even though I was born in the US I don’t want to be represented as “American”. Not all people are bad people in the US but what I have seen that this place has done to my family and many others doesn’t make me feel proud to say it. My parents came walking from the border and I’m not ashamed of it because they didn’t it for a better life. Like a butterfly who flies and don’t stop. The flowers represent my grandma because she gave both my parent a flower before leaving Mexico as a “lucky charm”. Also I put the Oakland tree because it shows that I’m a proud oaklander. The side with many colorful pieces of paper represent that each day is a new and that I will always have a new feeling each but I will always end up feeling proud and ready for the next day. Another big thing to me is self confidence because I think everyone is beautiful and shouldn’t say otherwise. I also have a side where it represent that I love music because it calm me down. The outside of my box which is the dominant narrative. Show what people have said that they think is the “true story”. The gems on top show that girls/women always like sparky stuff. Which is one of the many stereotype along with the rest of the outside of my box.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Yasmin’s Shadow box by Yasmin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Judith 5 months ago

    Dear Yasmin,
    I am proud of you and your shadow box because of how awesome it came out. It’s beautiful and the effort you put in it is noticeable. I also really enjoyed reading your statement. One of my favorite sections was when you explained why you didn’t include your nationality. It was relatable and cool. I also loved reading what you had to say about your parents and what the different colors represent. The different colors section was really cool to read because I hadn’t thought about it like that. Good job!:)

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