Do you think uniforms will prevent problems?(bullying, harassment, money issues, gang/fighting, suicidal)

  • School uniforms will prevent problems such as competition for clothes due to the fact that students tend to dress better than others. This can also prevent bullying due to the fact that students are bullied based on appearance and economic background. This will prevent problems and students will feel accepted. Students then won’t be scared to wear something because everyone will be wearing the same thing. Wearing school uniforms will prevent gang affiliations due to the fact that students wouldn’t be able to wear gang colors or insignias. In result school uniforms will curb the gang conflicts. This will also decrease gang recruitment.  This will make all students and teachers safe.

  • Wearing school uniforms may be too expensive for some families. Uniforms may cause a lot of problems due to the fact that students will make their own style of wearing because the original way of wearing may be too “basic”. Students  may disrespect the policy of wearing uniforms as well. Students may not want to go to the school anymore because they want to wear their own clothes, so the population at the school may decrease.



Do you think that uniforms should be required for schools?( easier, helpful, respectable, healthy, unhealthy?

Do you think uniforms will prevent problems?(bullying, harassment, money issues, fighting, suicidal)

Do you think uniforms will cause problems?(bullying, freedom of choice, skipping school, undisciplined)

Would females be given different rules of dressing related to the uniforms?( skirts, pullovers, skinny pants, shorter shorts, smaller shirts)

Can shoes be whatever style?(tennis, sandals, skate, heels, house shoes)

Do you think a typical parent would like uniforms?(money, less problems, disciplinary, respectful, debatable)

With uniforms being required, how many different kinds of outfits will they have?( different colors, different styles, different shorts, pants etc)

Do you think that teachers have to wear uniforms?( all teachers have same button up, pants, shorts, pullovers and sweaters)

Will the teachers have the same type of uniform? (all teachers have same button up, pants, shorts, pullovers and sweaters)




According to ProCon, uniforms will decrease the rate of bullying. It will also make students feel accepted. Also this will prevent problems with gangs. According to , students are often bullied based on appearance.


I read two articles, both articles were about uniforms, but they were different from each other. One of the articles was talking about why uniforms would be good for schools. The other article was obviously different which didn’t agree with the whole uniform idea. Do you think that schools should require uniforms? The first article thought that uniforms would reduce the rate of bullying. The second article thought that some families may not afford uniforms because the prices may be too high. There was a lot of problems behind these two articles.

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  1. Clara 2 years ago

    I can see both sides of this argument. I think both of these arguments have good reasoning, uniform is expensive but in some cases it may reduce bullying because it is one less thing people can be bullied for. I can see why you had problems with these articles too because there are many holes in the argument. What is your opinion?

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