My Shadow Box


The shadow box represents my life, what I love and care about and some assigned  identities. A chosen identity that I put in my shadow box is a Soccer field. Soccer is very important to me because All my life I been playing soccer is like a second nature for me I love playing soccer. Another thing I put in my shadow box is cars because I like seeing cars or watching cars for me it’s very fun. The reason I got into it is because my dad works on cars so for me it was very fun watching my dad work on the cars. It’s something I really enjoy watching and trying to learn more about it. I chosen to put the Mexican Flag because I want people to know I am not ashamed of my Ethnicity and my nationality the reason I am proud of my Ethnicity is because not a lot of people can say they are Mexican because in this society that is a bad thing if you aren’t “American” so they won’t say if the are. That is a dominant narrative because people think if you are Mexican you aren’t going to be successful in the future.         


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  1. Evelin 5 months ago

    Dear Victor,
    One part of your paragraph, “The truth about me” that I like is where you take about soccer being really important to you! I like how you point out why you like cars and that your dad is the reason you are inspired on cars. A part that stood out to me is when you were talking about being Mexican, I agree that people see that being Mexican is a “bad” thing. I’m really happy that you are proud of being Mexican! Keep up the good work, hope seeing more of your hard work.

  2. Kimberly 5 months ago

    Dear Victor,

    One sentence that you wrote that stands for me is “ Soccer is very important to me because All my life I been playing soccer is like a second nature for me I love playing soccer.” I think this is is awesome because I can see that you really love soccer if you capitalize All and state “All my life.” I hope you follow your dreams to be a soccer player and don’t give up on it! 😀

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