Testing on animals has helped in previous scientific research. There is also no alternative for testing on an organism. Using animals is an alternative to testing on human subjects, because that would be considered inhumane. However, animal testing causes the animals undergoing these tests to feel physical pain as well as emotional distress. Animal testing is a form of torture and induces suffering. Research also shows that there are alternative ways to test products that don’t involve the use of animals. Different medications and products react differently with varying species, therefore scientists won’t know for sure how these certain products and medicines will react to humans as opposed to other animals.

One website I visited lists pros as to why animal testing should continue. This page mentions that sense animals aren’t people it shouldn’t matter what testing they undergo. Their state of living shouldn’t matter sense these studies are for scientific research. They also mention how there aren’t any living organism alternatives for testing on in labs. They cannot test on humans, because that would be considered to be torturous. https://animal-testing.procon.org

Peta discusses topics on why animals should not be tested on. They mention how it is unjustifiable and how there are multitudes of other options besides experimenting on living organisms. They also mention how it’s expensive and a waste of resources to do so. By not testing on not only would companies be saving money, but they would also help animals to not be tortured just for the result of a product. Results of products can also vary depending on the species, therefore it isn’t certain how a product will react with a human compared to a differing animal.http://www.peta.org/blog/top-five-reasons-stop-animal-testing/

In my opinion, I believe that testing on animals is unnecessary. I don’t believe that animals should have to undergo suffering in order for people to have a product. It has been proved that there are alternative ways that don’t involve harming living creatures. There are also a handful of brands that do not test on animals at all, so it is maintainable. All of the arguments in favor of animal testing mentioned issues that seemed solvable and the arguments being made weren’t convincing.

  1. Jacob B 1 year ago

    Dear Allison

    I am very interested in your topic about your essay Testing on animals because I used to do this topic in the 8th grade and my dad use to have discussion with me on this.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is why Peta discusses topics on why animals should not be tested on. My reason for like this is because i feel the same way.

    Another sentence that I read was I believe that testing on animals is unnecessary. This stood out for me because i agree animals should always be protected.

    Your essay reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when i was younger i had a pet dog. I was outside playing with him and he ran away. I looked for him that day and found out he was at the animal shelter.

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I would like to see more of things like this and i should expect even better.

    • michael lebron james mc donald 1 year ago

      noob get rekt

    • Jacob B 1 year ago

      You should check mine out if you want:


  2. Emmanuela 2 years ago

    I like how you have both sides of the argument as well as providing links to your direct sources. Though you explained some of its effects on the animals maybe add specific examples of what products test on which animals.

  3. Jenifer 2 years ago

    Estimado Raine:

    Estoy muy asombrada por tu poema, “Pruebas en animales” porque que un animal no es para hacer una prueba si no al contrario es para darle cariño y amor.

    Una frase que se destaca para mi es “Que las pruebas para animales son innecesarias”. Creo que esto es algo que enverdad se aprecia, porque un animal no tiene que ser sometido a una prueba para los productos del ser humano. Un animal tambien sufre físicamente y emocionalmente, pues es un ser vivo.

    por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribes continuación, porque en realidad es muy interesante este tema, me gustaría saber más .


  4. Abigail 2 years ago

    You did a very good job at describing the negative effects of animal testing but I was curious as to which animals this applies to. Are ants ok to test on?

  5. Sofia 2 years ago

    Estimado Raine
    Estoy asombrada por su artículo ”las pruebas en animales ”porque yo también estoy de acuerdo en que las pruebas en los animales también sufren al igual que nosotros y pueden hacer estas pruebas con otras alternativas.
    Una frase que usted escribió la cual me gusto es ” no creo que los animales deben tener que someterse al sufrimiento para que la gente tenga un producto” porque usted tiene la razón.
    Gracias por tu escritura .Espero ver lo que escribes a continuación , por que quiero aprender más sobre las pruebas en los animales.

  6. Maria 2 years ago

    Estimado Raine:

    Estoy asombrada por tu poema ¨”Las pruebas con animales,¨ por que me parece muy interesante, ya que de alguna maneras compartimos el mismo interés así los animales.

    Una frase que destaca para mi es, ¨La experimentación con animales hace que los animales sometidos a estas pruebas para sentir el dolor físico, así como la angustia emocional,¨ porque esta es una realidad de lo que está pasando con los animales. Y leyendo este tipo de escritura podemos tomar un poco mas de conciencia sobre este tema.

    Gracias por tu escritura. Espero ver lo que escribas a continuación, porque quiero aprender mas sobre animales.


  7. Lindsey 2 years ago

    What are your thoughts on animal testing when it comes to finding cures for life-threatening diseases? Is this just as unnecessary, or is it justifiable?

  8. Hailey 2 years ago

    I agree with your point that animal testing is wrong. Brands do not have to test on animals to see if their product is effective or not.

  9. Sera 2 years ago

    Paragraph 2 sentence 2, “sense” should be “since” 🙂

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