I chose shades, a book and anime statues and action figures for my shadow box. I chose these objects because this is evidence that I am a big fan of many things. I want people to know who I am like no one else can. I am a very complicated person with a habit of many things like curiosity, bad memories rage poor patience and mistakes. I do not hangout with my friends. I am usually a loner. I have a sense of rage and hatred. I feel like no one cares about my life. I keep some characters secret, but it is not that easy. Most of my life has been stressful and humiliating. I have no sense of patience. I had to learn new things from scratch. I have a stubborn sister and a lazy brother. I watch a lot of anime. I also watch a lot of movies. I want to be a traveler and martial artist when I grow up. I want to watch tv with my brother, but he wants to watch it by himself.  I have always hoped for a better life, but the world opened my eyes and helped me understand how sick the world really is. I soon gave up on hope, but I have one final idea that could be my best trump card, but I will keep it secret until it is time to reveal it. I learned a lot of information in life that surprised and enraged me. the one discovery that angered me most is how my life became a disaster. the reason my life is bad is because my dad made the wrong choices. he is a coward, not standing up and making good choices like a true man and father would. what was he thinking?! how can he be that stupid?! what a wimp. I’m sorry about the temper, but he can be so insufferable a lot of times.I want to be different than that. I’ve been through a lot of pain and no one had my back most of my life. that is when it hit me, “if this is what life is like for most kids, then how is trust, family and friendship worth anything?”. then I learned that the the trust is worthy rumor is not true. it’s fictional and unnecessary. it is very important to be careful with your choices or there will be big consequences in life. trust may sound like it earns you what you want, but believe me, based on my life outcomes, trust earns you nothing but trouble, so it’s a good call to avoid it. I won’t be needing such worthless things in the future. it could haunt me. I may sound  delusional, but maybe it’s also the truth we’ve all been waiting for. the only people you should trust are the people who actually care about you, people who are strong and have the courage to stand up like true worthy people, not a bunch of weaklings like people who aren’t very reliable and idiotic with no sense of will to admit.  the idea I have is so unbelievable, it will change our world’s history forever. I’ve stood by and didn’t stand up to help most of my life. now I feel like another cowardly weakling that must be cast aside. I will soon show the world what a true kid is capable of. they will see that they were a bunch of misunderstood people with no faith in the world at all. my dreams will come true. it’s gonna be a lot of fun when my greatest project will be revealed to the world. for now, no one has a clue. 

For all of those who have been mostly through tough times, I’m like that too, so I’m familiar with the feeling. you will  make it through life because I know how. in order to avoid bad outcomes, you must decide who you want to be in the future. But be careful or else bad things could happen. it has an honor and a pleasure to share my story, and hopefully some people will read it. I am Daniel rodriguez and you will meet me if make the right choices. thank you and farewell until we meet again. peace my friends.


CC BY-SA 4.0 shadow box artist statement by Daniel rodriguez by Daniel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Diego 5 months ago

    Dearest Daniel, your color works very well with your objects. I like how you put your interests like dragon ball Z and the walking dead wan d what it means to you as an individual. Very in depth.

  2. Diego 5 months ago

    Dear Daniel,

    I am pleased to see your shadow box because it looks great. The boxe’s color looks great and what is inside is just awesome. I like how you put those characters of dragon ball in the box, i personally like dragon ball so it’s nice to see someone is putting some dragon ball on theirs. I think that this shadow box is great and that you should keep on with the good work.

    Sincerely a good buddy Diego

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