This shadow box represents the person that I am and the way people see me as a person. This shadow box shows my dominant narratives that society puts on me. Also this shadow box shows my counter narratives that goes against my dominant narratives that society puts on me and showing those statements about me are wrong. Many people assume I am uneducated, bad, dangerous, and stupid person and they see me as lesser than them or a human being who is just wrong in all the parts. I see myself as a smart, funny, a gamer, someone who is caring, and also who is annoying. I like to represent myself as in a friendly and kindly matter to people and wish for them to see me as a good human being in order to make friends with people. The Guatemalan flag represents my ethnicity, both of my parents are from Guatemala and it is a beautiful place and I love it so much. The video game references represent me being a gamer I love video games it is something that I love to do in my free time. It is a way to escape reality and be really happy and entertained for so long. The male symbol represents my gender, gender expression, my sex, and it’s the way I identify and wish to be identified. All these photos are from when I was a little kid, the halloween one shows me in a Thomas train outfit while trick or treating. The one with the two people are my parents, they have raised me with love, care, work, and fun. They have built me into the person that I am today and truly thank and love them for all of the hard work and care they did for me in order to live in this world. I don’t know what I will do without my parents. The last one of me is me just smiling at the camera not caring what people think of me. Well now I hide my smile after I came with the curse of my teeth I haven’t been smiling as much as I did as a little kid.


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