This Shadow Box represents my counter narrative, dominant narrative, and my chosen identity. When people look at me, they see a girl that always does her work, is smart and shy. But, this isn’t true because that’s just how I am around people I don’t know but once I get to know people and get comfortable around them that’s where I begin to open up to the crazy, real Ingrid. This is why I have chosen to include the butterflies in my shadow box because butterflies first need to open up from the chrysalis in order to become butterflies which who they really are. Also, I have included the flowers because I love flowers and my shadow box is so colorful because I love colors. The Guatemalan flag represents my nationality and my ethnicity, this is also where i was born. I love Guatemala am so proud to be Guatemalan because it’s a beautiful place with beautiful people and thanks to that place I know a 3rd language which is Maya Mam. I don’t understand how some people are embarrassed to be Guatemalan. Anyways, the makeup and all the quotes on the outside of my shadow box are my dominant narratives because men think all females should dress up nice and be glamorous all the time and wear make-up. Then, the quotes are what people think of me for example that I am weak and all other negative comments. But, I don’t care and I am not letting that be a problem that gets in  my way. That’s why I put that quote, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”, because I know that one day this will all pay off.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My Shadow Box By: Ingrid Ramirez by Ingrid is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Raine 4 weeks ago

    Your shadow box is beautiful and I love the meaning behind it. I relate to how you mentioned you may appear shy when first meeting someone knew and then open up once they get to know you. Overall, you did an amazing job both with the box itself and the description portion.

  2. Imelda 1 month ago

    Dear Ingrid,
    Your artist statement is so clear. Your shadow box is so colorful. You explained in detail what you included in your box. I like the quote you chose. I also like what you said about the quote that one day everything will pay off. Overall your artist statement goes well with your box! I really liked it!

  3. Wendy 1 month ago

    Dear Ingrid,
    You shadow box is really nice and it clearly demonstrates who you are as a person because of the items you chose to include. I really like that you chose to represent yourself as a butterfly the way you said they have to open up and let their true self be shown that really gave me an idea of who you are as a person. Something that stood out to me from your box was that you added a lot of color because is something I did different with my shadow box. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your writing is interesting and besides that you show your true self and you are a proud writer which inspires me with my own projects.
    Wendy Perez Govea

  4. Abigail 1 month ago

    Ingrid, what a beautiful box! Your metaphor of the butterfly was a very creative way of representing your hidden personality. Your pride in Guatemala was also touching. It is important to be proud of where you came from because it will always be part of who you are. I too spent a significant time of my life growing up outside of the country, and it has shaped who I am today. Ending your post with a quote was a very effective conclusion. Thank you for sharing such personal information.

  5. Lindsey 1 month ago

    I love the symbolism in this project. The addition of the butterflies to represent your true self opening up is beautiful. It is also refreshing to read about how much you love your culture. Finally, the stereotypes on the outside of the box are very correct and applicable to women everywhere. It makes you story relatable. Thank you for sharing your personality and traits with us. I hope the quote “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” is true for you and all women who have faced unfair stereotypes.

  6. Skye 1 month ago

    The shadow box itself is so beautiful and unique. I appreciate how you included stereotypes in your box, such as the expectation for girls to be traditionally pretty, but also symbols and objects that are true to who you are. The metaphor of the butterfly coming out of its chrysalis was something I really related to while reading this. Your description and love of your culture is incredible, thank you for sharing that. The theme of colors and joy permeated your whole description.

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