Posted by Bryan on September 26, 2018

My Shadow Box by Bryan Moreno

This shadow box represents many things. Some of the things it represents is my ethnicity. It also represents one of my chosen identities which is being a soccer player. My shadow box also show some dominant narratives when people talk bad things about my ethnicity also when people talk bad things about me telling me “I won’t be successful”.  I choose to put soccer related things because I play soccer and I love soccer so much and because it’s a part of my life. Also I decided to add the Salvadorian flag because that’s my ethnicity and because I’m not ashamed of being half Salvadorian. In my shadow box I put some motivational quotes because when I am feeling sad or down I look at motivational quotes because the quotes I find make me feel motivated and they cheer me up. So in my shadow box the quotes that you see are the ones I like the most. I like when people make dominant narratives about me because it motivates me to show them my counter narratives because I love proving people wrong.