This shadow box represents my identities which are being a soccer player, a car enthusiast, and having a family business. These three identities have impacted me a lot in my life so far. I think that the identity that represents me more is being a car enthusiast even though I couldn’t really include that much for this identity. Being a soccer player is also one of my main identities and is part of who I am. But I think being a car enthusiast is the thing that impacts me the most because I stopped playing soccer, I have an interest with cars more than playing soccer. Many people may assume that I am a nerd because I have glasses and may think I am super smart and they might think I only study or do something that is a stereotype but everyone is different and unique in a different way and in their own way but people assume that just because people have the same things that they are all the same person. Having a family business is also one of my main identities but I couldn’t really include that much for it.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My shadow box by Oswaldo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. David 4 months ago

    Dear Oswaldo,
    I like that you added photos of yourself and your dad because you care about family. You also added things that you like, especially the car and you like to play soccer because you made the field.

  2. Irvin 5 months ago

    Dear Oswaldo,

    I like your shadow box because you had a lot of stuff that you like and what has impacted you so far in your life and see that you really like cars. I also see that you have a soccer field and see that you like to play soccer and see that you have pictures of yourself and your dad. I enjoyed seeing your shadow box.

  3. Adrian 6 months ago

    Dear Oswaldo
    One part of your shadow box that really stood out to me was the picture of your father. The picture of your father really shows that you love your family. I also agree with the family love, another thing that stood out for me was your soccer field that shows that you enjoy sports and especially soccer.Nice job on your shadow box !

  4. Teresa 6 months ago

    Dear Oswaldo,
    One part of your shadow box that stands out for me is the soccer field that you put in your box. I felt like how the field shows how you like to play sports and be active. This stood out to me because I also am a very active person and really like all types of sports. Also, the images of the car show that you enjoy cars and that they represent you. Thank you for your writing and creating this shadow box.

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