This is Me

By: Tania Lopez Pelayo

This Shadow Box represents who I am. The inside of the box represents my counter narrative because it’s it how I picture my life and world. Then, the outside represents the dominant narrative because its peoples opinions on me and where I come from, which in my opinion are wrong.The pictures in my box represent how I only live with one parent, which is my mom. This is a assigned identity because I did not choose for them to be apart. As you can see if its a picture with my mom, it’s only with her not my dad.The mini drinks and coins and little objects came from Mexico so they represent that I’m Mexican. Also, the images show that I am female and strong and independent, and that I am from Oakland. Furthermore, as you can see on the outside it shows a Mexican flag and a mini border to show the oppression from Trump, that he wants to build a border to stop us from coming to the U.S. On the outside I had also put red paper to represent how society thinks we are part of a gang. I put words and symbols of the types of perspectives put on us.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My shadow box by Tania is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Marleni 4 months ago

    Dear Tania,

    Your shadow box is really beautiful. I like how you incorporated many pictures and objects to express your counter narratives. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “On the outside I had also put red paper to represent how society thinks we are part of a gang” That sentence stood out to me because it is good to break down those stereotypes that people have on Hispanics. Another sentence that stood out to me was, “Also, the images show that I am female and strong and independent.” You as a young latina female it is very important to keep in mind that you can overcome all the bad things you may go through. Overall, you did really good work!


    • Author
      Tania 3 weeks ago

      Thank you so much for looking over my box. The part of your comment that stood out to me was that as a young female it’s important to know that I can overcome things I think every young female should realize that because people say they can’t achieve anything but the truth is we can.

  2. Beatriz 4 months ago

    Dear Tania,
    I am delighted by your shadow box because I can see that you put so much effort in making it looking nice with details. One part of your shadow box that stands out to me is the mexican money because you are showing an item of where you are from to represent one of your identities.I also liked how you included pictures of you and your family in your shadow box to show who you are as a person. Thank you for your shadowbox/art and I look forward to seeing what you create next time because your work is very interesting.

    • Author
      Tania 3 weeks ago

      Thank you so much for taking time and looking over my blog. I like how you say that i put in effort and i also think it shows off, thank you again

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