Many people assume that since I am a person of color, I am dangerous or bad news. My Shadow Box contradicts this claim because on the inside it shows how I’m really just an empowering Latina (which is my race-a social construct that divides people into categories like power and privilege) who is on the road to be successful and unapologetic. I chosen to include important aspects of my life because I want people to see how there is a different story told through the inside of my Shadow Box than from the one told by my appearance. The story told by the inside of my Shadow Box is a Counter Narrative, the one told by my appearance is a Dominant Narrative. Inside of my Shadow Box I chose to include a phrase that said, “empower yourself” because I think I empower myself a lot when I’m feeling down, this is important because if I don’t empower myself who else will be there to empower me when I’m at my lowest point. To add on, I added my favorite artists on the inside of my Shadow Box because they show my chosen identity of being a music lover. I chose to be a music lover because artists sometimes give powerful messages through songs or sometimes I feel like songs embody my personality because they really connect with me. Moreover, on the outside of my box I put flowers because they represent how society stereotypes females as delicate little flowers with model bodies. Therefore, I constantly feel like I have to look and act like something I’m not so sometimes I empower myself by giving myself confidence that I am my own form of beauty. To conclude, the inside of My Shadow Box is my identities represented in a box.


CC BY-SA 4.0 My Shadow Box by Martha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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