Author: Gregorio

My shadow box

My Shadow Box

Gregorio Guzman-Lopez

This Shadow Box represents different identities of mine that were assigned and that I chose. An assigned identity that shows up in my Shadow Box is the Mexican flag, this represents my family’s culture and ethnicity. Another assigned identity in my Shadow Box is the American flag, this represents my nationality because I was born here. The last assigned identity in my Shadow Box is the name “GREG” that shows up at the top, this is sort of a chosen identity too because it’s a nickname but it’s also part of my real name which is Gregorio. A chosen Identity In my Shadow Box is the little stick figure guy in the pancho at the bottom left represents me liking to relax. The photo with the M&Ms saying “u good?” represents me getting easily stressed out (I’m the red M&M). In the bottom right of my Shadow Box is a dog toy and a rubix cube, I put these in my box because the dog toy shows that I like dogs and the rubix cube shows that I like puzzles. The guy with the headphones represents music because I like to listen to music and plan on making my own music in the future. The photos with cereal in them represent my love for cereal because it is very delicious. The photo of the cat saying wuss poppin represents me liking to meet new people. All of the other photos are just there because I think their funny and it represents me liking to laugh and make others laugh.