My Shadow Box

Chris Pablo

This shadow box represents how I see myself and how society sees me. This has been a very strong project to start the year with. One reason why is because we have to show who we are what we like how we see ourselves and how society sees me. When people see me they see a Latino guy that may look lazy sometimes or mad. Many people assume that Latino guys are not hard workers and that they are lazy. But, I am not. I see myself as a hard worker that does what he can and as a person that doesn’t give up. I have chosen to add a 1967 Ford Mustang because that shows that im a car enthusiast and that I like Mustang’s of course. Many people may believe that i’m just an ignorant guy sometimes too but that doesn’t always show who I really am. All of my objects show that i’m not just a car enthusiast but that i’m a school guy sometimes because sometimes I find school boring but i’m working on trying to make school more interesting for me so that I don’t feel school boring.


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  1. robert buyard 1 month ago

    Hi Chris my name is robert an i am a Fremont HS student and i really like your shadow box because i like cars too. plus i like the way you made your box by putting fabric and paper together.also i love the color blue

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