My shadow box represents my dominant narratives(outside of the box) and my counter narratives(inside of box. The reason I chose what I chose on the outside was because I think that the majority of people that look at me think that I smoke weed religiously or that I’m part of a gang because of the way I dress or look. The inside of my box represents my race and my ethnicity because of the flags inside, those hold importance in my life because without them I prolly would have no idea of who I am. Some assigned identities that have a lot of importance to me is being a male because I would be really confused of what I am and would not have known what my gender sure I can show my gender identity in different ways but I wouldn’t know what being a male is like or what being a woman is like. This box is meant to show you what society thinks of me to try and bring me down and what I think of myself to counteract how I actually am.



  1. Jessica 1 year ago

    Hello Matthew,

    My name is Jessica and I’m SJSU student. I am glad you shared your work and I was able to see it and connect with you. I really like how you gave a great explanation of what your shadow box represented because it shows that it represents who you really are. I like how in the inside of your box you shared photos of yourself as a child and how they represent your race and ethnicity. The outside of the box is really interesting because you put things about what others think of who you are and how they see you even though you don’t see yourself as that person. I also really like that you are letting others know who you really are which is very great. I just want you to keep in mind that always know who you truly are and no matter what others think or say of put you down because we are all different and we shouldn’t “Judge a book by it’s cover”.

  2. Andrea 1 year ago

    Dear Matthew,

    I love the symbolic representation you used to show what society thinks of you (the outside of the box) and what you truly are like as the inside of the box, very creative! It is really important to know yourself inside and out in order to not be affected by what others think of you and it looks like you are on the right track! #SJSU

  3. Socorro 2 years ago

    Dear Matthew,

    Thank you for sharing your work. My name is Socorro Lopez and I am a student at Fremont High School.
    Something I liked about your work was the way that you expressed yourself in your pictures and the pictures really stand out on your shadow box.
    Something that I think would make your shadow box better is more decorations that stand out with your pictures otherwise you did a good job with your shadow box.Please feel free to comment on my work in the future. The address of my student blog is
    Thank You!

  4. Robert 2 years ago

    Matthew i think that it is cool the way you give examples of dominant and counter narratives

  5. Latrell 2 years ago

    Matthew I like how you did your shadow box because of the pictures I feel like they stand out.

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