“Quien soy yo”

By: Maria Molina


The shadow box represent my ethnicity, nationality and race including the people I cared about in my life. The people that are really important is my mom, stepdad my little cousins and friends. My mom is married with a women so that will causes me to have a lot of stereotypes in my life how people are really closed minded. That they don’t understand that someone with the same sex could be together. My little cousins are one part of my life that if something happens to them I don’t know what my life will be without them. They are the ones that I could play and I could be there and help them, I have so much love for does little kids because I’m the only child so there the one that make my day and don’t make me feel lonely. My shadow box talks a lot about my identity like who makes me who I am, one thing that describe will be my culture. I was born in Mexico so that makes me feel that all the stereotypes people say about Mexican are like “no that’s not true” because Mexicans like to be responsible and have a better future for they’re family. For me moving to a different  place was hard, first of all because the food and the types of cultures that they have in Oakland are different. As you can see in my shadow box there are some types of candy I eat just to remember about Mexico and don’t forget about my family and people I love, including my culture. I have chosen to include the picture of people graduating because I will like to go to college and have a better future for my mom and family. Also my friends are a huge part of my life because I usually spend time at school so I consider my friends like a family. There the ones that are with me to help me in the good and bad times. I know we have problem like everyone does but no matter what I will always be here for them.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Maria’s Shadow box “Quien soy yo” by Maria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. yasmin 5 days ago

    Dear Maria

    I really like your shadow box it was very creative. It has lots of amazing objects that represent you as a person . For example that you really like hanging out with your friends which I can tell because you have pictures of them. But mainly I learn that some of the things that are important to you is your ethnicity, nationality and race. I also think its brave of you talking about your parents because not many people would and how you talked about some stereotypes. Thank you for your amazing shadow box I learned a lot of interesting things about you. -Yasmin

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