My Shadow Box

    This is my shadow box and it’s representing many of my own features. My shadow box has many objects in it that represents me. I have chosen to represent my culture and myself because I think it’s important that other people know that I appreciate my culture and I’m grateful for everything I have In this world. To me, my culture is everything. I think It’s very unique in its own ways. Some people In the Guatemalan culture don’t like to share their culture to others because they’re embarrassed to talk about the place they’re from. When people ask where I’m from I enjoy talking about it. I get to tell others about the place I call home! Being Guatemalan is amazing! Many people assume that I only speak English and Spanish but It’s a big blessing in life that I can talk another different language which makes me trilingual. That’s one dominant narrative people will say about me and other young Guatemalans which is not able to speak mam. My parents aren’t the bests at English and Spanish but I’m so glad I speak another language that they truly understand/speak. Other Guatemalans think it’s an embarrassment to speak Mam in front of others. It’s honestly sad because they’re embarrassed to speak another language in front of others because they think they will judge them. I like speaking Mam with my family in and out the house.I enjoy photography so much. I love taking pictures and editing them. When I was going to Guatemala I took a bunch of plane pictures. Like this one and I just love photography it makes me happy and when I’m stressed or feeling down I just start talking pictures and I add filters to it to make the picture more outstanding. My goal is to save money up so I can buy myself a camera. I care about my friends and I don’t see them as I friends but as family. I know that I can go to them when I’m not feeling my best self. I can go and talk to them when I have problems going on. Nothing can change the love I have towards family.These medals are a big part of my life. This just shows that anyone can do anything. Young women like me can accomplish so many things but it’s just so sad how society views us as less. If we keep on trying everyday and we don’t give up we can succeed. There are people who believe in the dominant narratives about me. People will believe words from others but won’t believe mines. People should listen to the counter narratives because that’s coming from the person’s perspective. Some people are quick to judge based on what someone looks like,dresses,talks, etc. My baby pictures are just to show me in the past I don’t really have anything specific to say about my pictures. The pink heart necklace is just to show love. We should all love and respect each other. This also connects to the picture that says “union” it’s to show others that we can all come together as one and fight all the stereotypes said about us. My chosen identities really represent me and my capabilities. My assigned identities also identify me but I believe that my chosen identities say more. This shadow box certification was amazing. I got to share my life with others who know little or nothing about me.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Imelda’s Life by Imelda is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Ingrid 2 weeks ago

    Dear Imelda,

               Am very proud of you because you’re representing your culture and where you came from. I love how you started with your artist statement saying, ¨I have chosen to represent my culture and myself because I think it’s important that other people know that I appreciate my culture and I’m grateful for everything I have In this world¨. I love how you are appreciating all the things you have in life unlike some people that don't appreciate what they have. I agree with you that your culture is unique and its everything to u because you know i'm from todo santos too. And I believe that to, am also glad it gave me the opportunity to wear other type of clothes and speak in another different unique language. 
  2. Irvin 2 weeks ago

    Dear Imelda,
    I really like your shadow box and your artist statement. Your artist statement has a lot of good details and see that you like photography I also like photography and want to study it when I got to college. I enjoyed reading your artist statement and seeing your shadow box.

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