Euthanasia and assisted suicide is a practice that has been minimally used due to moral controversy.  Those against its use argue that the PAS borders with murder and is therefore morally inhumane. On the other hand, some argue that each individual possess the right to decide their own fate, whether it be in life or in death.  Euthanasia defined is the act of killing or rather permitting the death of a fatally sick or injured person in a non painful and easy way. This practice allows for the patient to suffer less and for less time/money to be spent in trying to keep them alive.  Both ends benefit. In my opinion, the right to death is as important as the right to live, a natural right, and should be granted to each individual no matter what their circumstance.


Along the lines of health benefits and patient care comes the debate over the legalization and usage of medical marijuana.  While many states have already begun using this mildly psychoactive drug in medicine for multiple issues, some have not yet adopted this practice.  Those against this use claim that the drug is harmful and leads to other even more harmful drugs. They say the legalization of medical marijuana will lead to its recreational use and eventually legalization which will continue on to other drugs.  

While both arguments against these two health practices hold ground, I disagree.  I believe that the practice of euthanasia and the use of medical marijuana both work in benefiting someone’s well being.  Every individual holds the right to make their own choices and decisions, even if it means trying every means possible to stay alive (marijuana), or if it means to quit fighting and to let life play out as it will (death).

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  1. Ruby 2 years ago

    Great job in this post Madeline. I really liked how you gave background of the topic as well as providing information into what euthanasia and medical marijuana are. I think that if you tried to mix the two topics together it would give the writing a little bit more cohesion for a more even flow. I liked when you said “the right to death is as important as the right to live, a natural right, and should be granted to each individual no matter what their circumstance. ” This was a very strong statement that gave your writing a kind of sturdiness that makes you trust the topic.

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