This shadow box represents myself and how others view me, not only that but it also shows how I view myself. When people look at me, they see a young Latina girl who is not supposed to play rough sports and is weak. Many people assume that I am not strong enough compared to a male. I see myself being capable of believing that I am not weak. This is a counter narrative of myself to shut down many stereotypes put on me. My shadow box will hopefully let others know that I am a strong, independent, young female. Creating this project has been one of the ways I was able to speak up for myself. Throughout this project I have learned that I have power to stand up for myself and show others that I don’t go by society’s expectations.


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  1. Maria 5 days ago

    Dear Leslie,
    I really like your shadow box I like the fact how you haz the two flags showing where you from. I got to know that you are a independent person and a person who speaks up for yourself. Also how you like the WARRIORS/ basketball.

  2. Ivy Delgadillo Santos 5 days ago

    Hey Leslie, I really like how your shadow box embraces multiple identities. One part of your art piece that stands out to me is the WNBA logo, which shows your love and passion towards basketball, and I’m sure that you will meet this aspiration. It does defy all stereotypes set on females, but the fact that you like basket ball shows how strong you truly are. So I look forward to seeing the next thing you post related to breaking down stereotypes and proving society wrong.

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