Posted by Christina on September 26, 2018

Finding myself

The inside of the box represents me because it has images on the back wall of me and family/friends. These represent me because I care and love my family and friends deeply. I also added a campsite in my box because I enjoy camping and nature because you can disconnect from social media and the outside world. To continue, I put a picture of UC Davis and animal statues because since I was a young I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always wanted to be either a veterinarian, zoologist, and/or a animal biologist; furthermore I want to attend school at UC Davis. I also added quotes and pictures of girl power because girls need to hold and take power in this world and fight for rights we should have. The final thing I added inside was a picture of a plane because I love to travel and one of my dreams is to travel most or all of the world because I like to see new cultures so I can find myself and what I like from other peoples home country. The outside of the box represents stereotypes people might think of me because red and blue are gang colors and as African American and a Latina people think that people like me belong in a gang. On top of the colors on the box I added photos of someone smoking and a gun. I added those two images because people assume that Latinos and African Americans always smoke or have a gun on them which are just stereotypes and just judgements based off of some people. On the back side of my box I added a bright pink paper with girl-like stereotypes on it, such as make-up, skinny girls and salads. I decided to add the following things because everyone thinks that a girl’s favorite color is pink. It’s been a stereotype forever and it continues to this day, for example at baby showers to represent a girl we use pink balloons and for a boy we use blue. That’s unbelievable because one of my favorite colors is blue but that doesn’t make me a boy. To continue, I added all these other feminine stereotypes because people think that girls should be skinny and only eat salads or always wear makeup which makes me sick because I look beautiful with none of that crap on my face and I’m happy the way I am.