This shadow box represents my counter narratives which are my point of view of my own world, also my dominant narrative which is the point of view of society. When the people look at me, they see that I am Mexican. Mexican is my ethnicity because my language is Spanish, my religion is the Catholic church, my parents are from Mexico. My race is Hispanic because I relate to Spanish speaking countries and or from Spain. But my nationality is US citizen because I was born in Denver, Colorado, United States. Many people assume that I am in gangs just because they heard or seen a lot of Hispanic in those groups that they assume that I’ll be in one too. Many people may believe that I kill people because there have been a lot of killings in Mexico so they think I bring that negative environment here too. Additionally, they may believe that I bring or sell drugs because of our president Donald Trump said during his campaign that we bring drugs so now society see us as illegal drug dealers. Overall theses stereotypes I see myself as a hard-working student who dedicates all her time in her education. One of my counter narrative that I display here is a certificate I got from Latino honor roll this year, this shows that I’m not in gangs and or do anything that is bad. I have chosen to include plenty of Catholic and Mexican items because I feel that theses are the most important values in my life and identity. Why, because my family is Catholic and Mexican, I grew up like that so is a title in my life story. Lastly, I include a female quote because is was an assigned identity that has affected me because of society and the way they see women. They see us weak but actually we are strong and we can do many things that society forbids us from doing.


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  1. Branigan 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing Evelin. I completely agree with the idea that there are many false stereotypes that are running rampant in today’s political climate. I wonder what you have planned for your future, and how you plan to achieve your goals?

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