As medicine advances, more and more diseases become curable and preventable. However, as more immunizations become available, some parents are starting to question whether to vaccinate their children. This is not only harmful to their child, but to society as well.

Child vaccination is an essential step in creating immunity to preventable diseases at a young age. Vaccines contain weakened antigens which cause the disease. This gets the body to produce antibodies which generate an immunity towards that specific disease, a process also called immunization. The perfect age to build up these immunities is in infants and young children, protecting them earlier on. Their mother’s antibodies protect infants for a few months after birth, but when these were off, infants are left completely vulnerable. By delaying vaccinations, the chances of catching a preventable disease increases as does mortality rates. Immunizations also save families time and money. The cost of treating preventable diseases is often high and can cause a child to be denied entrance into nurseries and schools.

While immunization is good for a child, it also benefits society as a whole. If enough people are vaccinated, diseases are unable to spread, preventing an outbreak in the population. This is referred to as herd Immunity or community immunity. The effects of herd immunity lessen when the number of vaccinated individuals decreases. Increasing the number of possible hosts for a disease increases the individuals risk of infection in a society. Measures such as these are vital for protecting those unable to be vaccinated because of weakened or failing immune systems. According to The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, those unable to be vaccinated include cancer patients, HIV/AIDS carriers, and individuals with type 1 diabetes.



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  1. Patricia 10 months ago

    Hello Abigail,

    I really liked how informative your post was on vaccines. I am curious if you believe it is immoral to not vaccinate your child. Because if you don’t vaccinate your child, your risking their lives and the lives of others, so does that come down to a matter of morality?

  2. Claudia Figueroa 11 months ago

    Estimada Abigail:

    Estoy muy asombrada con tu poema, ” Child vaccination ” porque me parece muy interesante ya que de alguna manera compartimos el mismo interés hacia las vacunas.

    Una frase que destaca para mi es ” La vacunación infantil es un paso esencial para crear inmunidad a enfermedades prevenibles a una edad temprana ” porque muchos de los papas de mi comunidad no
    estan tomado en cuenta lo importante que es la vacunación para sus hijos.

    Gracias por tu escritura espero ver lo que escribes a continuation porque quiero aprender mas sobre lo importante que son las vacunas para los children.

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