Before answering this question we first need to realize the impacts of alcohol on the brain. An article by Olga Khazan in the Atlantic Even Small Amounts of Alcohol Impair Memory” talks about how even moderate drinking can still impair your memory. Sleep is when memories get cemented in our brain especially through a phase called REM. When you drink alcohol it blocks REM causing you to forget new information.

So the question is if moderate drinking has negative effects on your brain, will lowering the drinking age encourage binge drinking or lessen it. After reading “Time to Lower the Drinking Age” by Mary Kate Cary in  U.S. News I’ve come to the conclusion that lowering the drinking age will diminish binge drinking. According to Mary Kate Cary when she was an undergraduate the drinking age was 18 so teens weren’t tempted to sneak in booze at parties or participate in initiations that involved binge drinking. Whereas today where the legal drinking age is 21 binge drinking has increased as well as sexual assaults on campus, and hazing, all resulting from drinking.

Judging from both of these articles I think that if we lower the drinking age the temptation to drink at a young age won’t be as prevalent. It will also stop teens from engaging in activities that involve reckless behavior like binge drinking because the illusion of breaking the rules won’t be there. But at the same time the article “Even Small Amounts of Alcohol Impair Memory” says that even small amounts of alcohol can negatively affect your brain. So lowering the drinking age is encouraging teens to drink less but still drink nonetheless.

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  1. Olivia 2 years ago

    Did these sources have any data or were they all just arguments based on experience?

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