Our planet is becoming more and more polluted by the day, as we continue to ignore this problem and use products that are harmful for the environment we adding to the destruction of our planet. In order to protect our environment we must take action to stop polluting it. From the research I have done on this topic I have found that by acknowledging the problem and creating an organized way to handle it along with using more eco-friendly technology we will be able to accomplish this.

From the article Waste Reduction Model (WARM), I learned about a new model called WARM that will help waste planners and organizations track different greenhouse gas emission reductions. With this new model we will be able to recognize where we are emitting the most greenhouse gases, and along with that we will be able to reduce emissions where it is needed. This will allow us to be more organized and in control of our emissions. In addition to emissions we can also work to reduce our solid waste. For example according to oceanconservancy.org,  our plastic straw waste poses a severe threat to animals who consume them,  oceanconservancy.org says,  “If 25,000 people pledge to skip the straw we could save 5,000,000 straws—and prevent a lot of them from entering the ocean and possibly harming wildlife”. Another major way to help our environment is by using more eco-friendly vehicles. In an article from epa.gov about electric cars I learned that the emissions from electric vehicles are generally less than gasoline vehicles. By using an electric car we can help decrease the inversions in our cities and get cleaner air to the wildlife and the citizens of these cities.



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