With the vote coming up to legalize medical marijuana, we can assume that Utah’s regulations on medical marijuana will reflect those already made by states which have previously legalized the possession, cultivation, and use of medical marijuana. Because Utah is a more conservative state, it can be predicted that we will mostly follow the example of states that have tighter restrictions like Montana, where people can only possess “1 ounce of usable Marijuana” as seen in “Medical Marijuana Laws by State.”  However, the legalization of medical marijuana brings up a lot of concerns and questions.

One concern is: how will it be paid for? Insurance companies may hold back on covering medical marijuana because there is not a lot of medical research into its long term effects. According to “Best life insurance companies for marijuana users”, most insurance companies view the use of medical marijuana in a “holistic” way. They will often raise premiums because they consider it the same as tobacco use. Insurance companies do this because scientists cannot say for sure that marijuana is better than tobacco, they consider it an added risk to insure someone because they still consider it unhealthy. The worse someones health is, the higher their premiums will be, so if someone smokes marijuana, the insurance companies will rate their health worse. Even if the client has a serious illness and it is prescribed to them, their premiums will still be raised solely because of the illness.

However, the cost of medical marijuana can vary, as described in “How much does medical marijuana cost?” The cost can vary based on “time of year, location, quality and quantity.” The cost of marijuana can also vary with type. Edibles can range from $2-$5 where as buds can range from $200-$400, which is a significant price difference. While Utah is getting closer to becoming more accepting of others and their needs, it still has a long way to go before the use and prescription of medical marijuana will be perfect. Even if it is legalized, payment for medical marijuana will most likely become the next hot topic if insurance companies refuse to help out.




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  1. Joseph 2 years ago

    Miriam, this post is very interesting and informative. When we think about the legalization and use of marijuana, we rarely think about the role insurance companies have in the process. If it is used for medical purposes, then why isn’t insurance covering it? I think you would really enjoy an article I read about insurance companies and the growth of cannabis (link posted below). I would definitely come back to your posts to hear more about this rapid growth and to what sides states are taking in regards to the legality of the selective usage of cannabis.


  2. Kasandra 2 years ago

    Great post, Miriam! When thinking about medical marijuana before, I had never considered “how it will be paid for” in regards to insurance companies. I think that you would be interested in this article that I recently read about this topic. I’m looking forward to reading your next posts because I really enjoy your style of writing.

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