If prostitution was to be legal, would it be necessary for there to be regulatory health checks?

Prostitution would be necessary because it is going to happen regardless whether it is done in a legal or illegal manner. So it is best that it is done in a safe way where the spread of diseases can be limited, studies show that over 99 percent of females who are in the sex industry get an STD. Many careers require some form of health checks regardless, it is in the best interest for the individuals. Not only would the health check ups play a crucial part in people being safe from the spreading of diseases and so on, but it would also play an educational role, which is just as important. When someone is able to learn the negative effects of what happens when you are not protected when having sex, you are more willing to use condoms (even in scenarios where prostitutes are offered more money to have sex unprotected because you are educated and know the repercussions and what permanent damage that can be caused.) Prostitutes who are unwilling to do these regular check ups would not be able to be “licensed”

  1. Nathan Royle 2 years ago

    This topic, along with many other topics outlawed, fall into the same category; if it were legalized, there’d be a lot less of it and the restrictions would allow breathing room for improvements and reform. A great topic. I applaud you!


  2. Will Jones 2 years ago

    Emmanuela, I enjoyed reading your take on the legalization of prostitution. You have what can be an excellent argument. However, I think you need to do a little more research, cite your sources, and better use your evidence. For example, this is a great fact that supports your argument, “studies show that over 99 percent of females who are in the sex industry get an STD” however, I have no idea where this fact came from. Additionally, it is my understanding that depending on where one lives in the United States, prostitution is already legal to some degree.
    I agree with you that mandatory health checks, or even licensing workers in the prostitution industry would be a great way to stop the spread of STD’s. I would expand upon this in my argument, and well define the current laws regarding prostitution in the United States. So far you have an interesting take, and you just need to spend a little more time researching and defining your argument.



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