Lately, drinking milk has been an increasingly popular conversation topic. People are arguing that milk is actually harmful for humans. Some people argue that the benefits of milk are not worth the costs. Milk contains vitamin D, calcium, and potassium which are  ¾ of the recommended nutrients according to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Even if people drink flavored milk, it is still delivering these nutrients in an option that has less sugar than sodas or other flavored drinks. Flavored milks only account for 4% of recommended sugar intake in comparison to 46% for sodas.(3) Despite these health benefits, it is argued that drinking milk does not provide enough health benefits.


The fat in cow’s milk is mostly polyunsaturated, but humans do not benefit from unsaturated fat as much as saturated fat. The same goes for protein. The majority of protein in milk is casein which is difficult to digest. Another concern is the presence of pus in milk. Pus is a concerning factor for many people. Cows in an industrial setting commonly have infections in their utters. White blood cells work to fight the infection, but the white blood cells and dead cells often find their way into the milk. It is perfectly legal to sell milk with 400 million of these cells per liter. Growth factors and hormones are also problematic. For calves, it is important to be able to grow to full size in a year, but for humans, it tends to accelerate the growth of cancer cells. Considering these facts, milk may not be as beneficial as some might think. Drinking milk may, in fact, be damaging your body.



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  1. Chandan 8 months ago

    Unsaturated fats are easier for the body to break down.

  2. Yulisa 8 months ago

    Olivia, I like how you used both sides of the argument to address the controversy over milk. However, the cons of drinking milk stood out more to me, because it surprised me how many risks there are when it comes to the production of milk which people tend to usually avoid talking about. I will definitely think more consciously next time I drink milk, and decide whether the benefits are greater than the costs or vice versa.

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