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Net neutrality refers to the concept that internet providers should allow access equally to online content without judgement of the subject matter. June 11, 2018,  net neutrality was officially repealed. Commonly called “paid prioritization”, companies like Verizon and Comcast, can provide varying levels of access to websites based on what might be beneficial for their company.

The revoking of net neutrality laws is harmful because it takes away from content freedom. Content online could be discriminated against. One argument against net neutrality is that the internet has formed very well without bounds until now. Now that net neutrality has been revoked, it is questionable how the internet will develop over the following years. Online freedom let people create freely and in turn the web expanded quickly. Another negative consequence that comes with the revoking of net neutrality is that the customer has less options. Customers have no choice than to seek internet services from a company and if companies decide to purposefully create slower services on certain websites than there is nothing to be done about it by the average person. There are some benefits, in contrast, to net neutrality. For example, it gives smaller companies online more leverage facing internet giants like Google or Facebook , who control a majority of internet assets. It prevents monopolies of internet services by having regulators.

Net neutrality has just recently been officially repealed. It will take time for its full effects to be realized. Although it serves to bring leverage to smaller companies who have less power on the internet, The repeal of net neutrality will harm the freedom of speech online.


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  1. Christopher 2 years ago

    Good fair and balanced argument. Time will indeed tell the full effects of this new legislation.

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