National Geographic’s “Effect of Global Warming” conjects “The planet is warming, from North Pole to South Pole Much of what our ice caps were have now melted and receded back exponentially. While the emissions of greenhouse gases increases, the amount of healthy polar ice caps has decreased. With these melting ice caps, the sea is rising enough to displace millions. Sea levels are expected to rise between 7 and 23 inches by the end of the century. Hurricanes as well as other storms are more and more frequent with irregular patterns. Furthermore, life on the polar ends of Earth is thinning, quite literally. Polar bears are becoming skinnier and if the trend of melting ice caps continues for much longer, polar bears may go instinct. The effect of  heavy amount of carbon emissions doesn’t stop at humankind. Many of the ecological systems that have been steady for millions of years have been compromised in the last two centuries.

In “Impact of Climate Change On Health Is ‘The Major Threat of 21st Century,’ Carbon Brief warns, “The health of millions of people across the world is already being significantly harmed by climate change, a major new report finds.” Climate change is widely considered to be the major threat of the 21st century. The health of millions of people has been and will be compromised by climate change. Furthermore the average heat of the earth has doubled. This was in a report from 2000 to 2016. Also, the number of weather related disasters from 2007 to 2016 has increased by 46%. In addition, rising temperatures allows infectious disease to spread more rapidly across wider regions. Pests such as rats and bats are now spreading to new parts of the world, making ideal conditions to reproduce and replicate viruses.

The fact of the matter is that we are constantly ruining our planet in some way. With deforestation and increasing greenhouse gas production and emission, our home here on Earth could be coming to a close. To the people who say climate change is a myth, consider Earth’s timeline. 60 million years ago, dinosaurs called this place home. With the range of that timeline in mind, only in the last 300 years have we discovered the use of fossil fuels for transportation and production. Everyday, society takes many steps forward with new inventions. However, climate change accelerates with the production and use of everyday things such as cars. If mankind doesn’t figure out a way to at least slow

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  1. Zaharoula 1 year ago

    I agree with the statement you are making that we are constantly destroying our planet in some way and i believe that we need to take action upon that. People always talk about how young people need to care about their futures and make sure that they do things to allow them to have one, but we won’t have a future to protect and look forward to if we don’t have a safe planet. Another fact that i agree with is that there are people who still believe that climate change doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem, yet there is so much evidence to prove them otherwise. Therefore, we need to find some way to get the government to take it seriously in order for people to realize that the whole commotion around the topic isn’t for nothing.
    One point you made that truly stands out to me is that hurricanes are occurring more frequently and that sea levels are continuously rising. This is a true wake up call that should alarm the general public and motivate them to try and make a difference since things like this should most definitely not be happening. There is a theory rising that multiple scientists support that we need to make a difference in climate change and fast because in about 12 years the world is going to reach a point of no return with climate change and will make it unable to support life. This should inspire people even further if they truly care about having a future and a life to live.

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