It seems as though many of the so called cons to medical marijuana can be easily solved or disproven. Not only are more and more viable ways to use the drug appearing, but studies are cropping up showing the positive effects of such use. As the drug and its many medical uses grow in diversity, the argument against its legalization is made weaker.

One popular argument against medical marijuana is that smoking causes lung damage. However, there are actually many different non-smoking ways Marijuana can be used. You can soak it in butter or oil, transferring the THC over, and cook it into things, allowing lots of people use to cope with pain or insomnia. But what if a patient needs a dose and doesn’t want to prepare a meal ahead of time or doesn’t have one on hand? Well, there’s an option for them too. Oils and liquids can be made containing marijuana, and are easily administered by a few drops under the tongue. Patients use any of these methods when they don’t like to or can’t physically smoke marijuana.

One of the medical benefits marijuana is used for is combatting nausea and vomiting that comes with undergoing chemotherapy. Certain medicines used in chemotherapy cause severe nausea and vomiting. It is so bad in fact, that many patients experience nausea at the mere sight of this medicine, before it’s even begun to be administered. Those who used marijuana while they received this medicine reported less nausea. The study in the linked article also showed that none of the patients who used a type of marijuana during chemo threw up.


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