Climate change is a rapidly increasing problem that millions of people refuse to believe in. While we continue to debate if climate change is a real issue, our planet is dying due to the careless nature of mankind and our constant drive for convenience. We are destroying our Earth one step at a time and the effects are drastic.

There are many layers to the earth’s atmosphere, however, the layer that absorbs most of the sun’s radiation is called the ozone layer. The ozone layer consequently also absorbs some of the UV light given off by the sun. One type of UV light is UVB, and as stated by the E.P.A., this UVB has been linked to multiple destructive effects such as developing skin cancer and damaging crops. As multitudes of people continue to state that pollution has no direct correlation with the environment, we are experiencing the depletion of the ozone layer, which is destroyed more quickly than naturally made. If we continue to stand idly by and not prevent the destruction of this layer or our atmosphere, the state of our earth, way of life, and health will rapidly decline.

Furthermore, climate change is already affecting life within the atmosphere. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, pollution within our atmosphere can lead to an illness with symptoms such as irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, worsening of existing lung and heart problems, and even an increased risk of heart attack. Though the world is claiming to be taking steps to prevent this, we are not moving quickly enough and these symptoms are already affecting the population. There are also environmental effects as well that could be disastrous to our world. These could include acid rain, ozone depletion, crop and forest damage, global warming, and eutrophication. Overall the effects of global warming, climate change, and destruction of our atmosphere have such drastic effects that will destroy our way of life. We must take more steps to keep our environment safe and inhabitable.



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