Author: Maria

Where I’m From

I am from a pink hijab and pink sneakers, from colorful fabric from Telco and praying at home during Ramadan on my green prayer rug.

I am from the beautiful white color house

I am from green, pink, white, and yellow from the garden filled with color.

I am from jasmine white flower, from the jasmine white flower is very beautiful smell flower in winter at garden

I am from Eid and Eyes color from Parvez and  Rahemeen and Amna.

I am from watching my mom cook paratha and learning to do it myself.  I am from washing the white walls of our apartment in Gravesend.

From my Father Pervez saying, “It’s time to go to bed, Maria” and my Mother Tanzeela saying “It’s dangerous outside.”

I’m from the lady reading hospital and light medium skin color of my mother, From Biryani spicy rice and kabab with crunchy.

I am from pictures with whole family in the pakistan and memories is in our notebook image gallery.