I choose to handle stress by quickly releasing it in burst of anger but in a safe way. An example would be punching my pillow or screaming into for a short amount of time. I think this method will work best for me because of past experiences and because I am a kinesthetic learner.

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  1. Emily Montgomery 2 weeks ago

    I feel that is the safest thing to do. It is good for us to express ourselves in a safe fashion when we are stressed.

  2. Madison 2 years ago

    I can totally relate to this post because school is so stressful! And sometimes I just want to “punch my pillow or scream into for a short amount of time.” But I found this really interesting article that I think you might enjoy. This article argues that we shouldn’t punch our pillow and get mad instead we should focus on calming down and try to solve the problems in front of us. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/1999/03/29/angry-dont-punch-that-pillow-calm-down-instead/5fcea917-965e-41c5-a0ef-738a1f56a823/?utm_term=.4116e062c692

  3. Winnie Custodio 2 years ago

    Self-awareness is necessary when dealing with stress. Or awareness in general. It’s like telling yourself that “I can handle this”, and you count or practice deep breathing so that the tension goes away. One has to rise above it. It’s tough but everybody has to do it in one way or the other.

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