As far as I know discrimination against women began in the beginning; I’m going to say in Biblical times, although I know there was a time before the Bible was written.  In the creation story, Eve lead her husband Adam astray with a forbidden fruit and was then punished or cursed by God. That was the last time man and woman was considered equal; although I feel that Eve’s punishment was cruel and inhuman to say the least.  The order or directives about the forbidden fruit was given to Adam first and foremost. Up until the punishment, I didn’t read or know of a time that God even spoke to Eve to give her directions. So I believe the onus falls on Adam for disobeying.


Secondly, societies evolved from nomadic existence to  agrarian societies thanks to the Neolithic Revolution so the roles of man and women were distinguished by what they were physically able to do.  Discrimination became apparent when men could lift more than women

Or they could run faster or kill better than women.


I want to know who was actually the first person to discriminate? Was it a caveman? Or Some intelligent society?  Or just like some believe the Great Pyramids and ancient monuments were built by aliens from outer space, maybe an alien told men that they should treat women inferior.


According to Dan Holliday, “before the Industrial Revolution the male endurance value and physical strength translated directly to political power.

In addition, News Wise writes, “throughout history, women have faced intense discrimination—from a lack of legal rights and very little independence from their husbands, to being thought to have inferior brains. In many societies, women have long been viewed as less than fully human.”


It’s amazing how distortions can occur just to satisfy someone’s selfishness or personal opinions.


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