The question I choose is if people have higher education, will they live longer than the people with lower education? I am curious about this because someone told me that the people with higher education will live longer. The things that I already know is it is not easy to get an advanced degree. If you would like to continue studying after high school,  you have to study very hard. I want to know if this is true or not. If I get a college diploma, what my life will be like? And there was someone who told me that you have to study your whole life to get the higher knowledge. I want to know how a master’s degree affects people’s lives. If I get a master’s degree will this affect my family? What is the average age of people who have gone college before they die? In the world today, have a lot people gone to college? If not, will this be true in the future? If I am  going to answer these questions, what do I have to do? Are people with PhDs happy about their knowledge? If a person goes to graduate school, will this person’s family members live as long as him or her? What is the job of the people with college degree? What do the people who have gone to university’s lives look like? Do they earn a lot money? If a highly educated person dies, will his or her next life be same as this life? Finally, Do people with higher education have easier lives than people who didn’t finish high school?

I researched my topic online and found a article on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website. The people who have higher education will live longer. According to the organization, people with high school diploma can live seven years longer than the people without one. In the article, the author also explains the things that affect people’s death. For example, smoking and obesity. According to the article, “…lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, which includes bronchitis and emphysema, accounted for a quarter of the gap for women over age 45, the study found, adding the disparity was more moderate with men.”(CBA Website) In other words, smoking can cause some disease, those disease will break your health and make you die. The article also states “The study also noted that obesity is more common among the less educated and ‘recent research suggests that obesity might contribute to nearly as many deaths as tobacco does,”(CBA Website). This means the most obese people are less educated and obesity also can cause people die. After reading this source, I understand that the people with high school diploma will live longer, and smoking and obesity can cause you die. There are less people with high school diploma who smoke and are obese.



  1. Matthew 2 years ago

    I had no idea the immense medical benefits of receiving a higher education. All of our lives, we are taught that getting a higher education leads to a more successful and happy career. I had no idea that it could also lead to a longer life.

  2. Anna 2 years ago

    Also I was wondering what level of higher education you believe could extend lifespan?

  3. Anna 2 years ago

    Lining, your article truly fascinated me. I have never thought there could be a correlation between higher education and lifespan, though I can see how they could connect. I found it especially interesting because I am applying for college at the moment in order to further my education and therefore your findings directly affect me. I found a source you may be interested in that dives even deeper into the content of the subject, . Thanks for informing me about this topic!

  4. Huiwen Li 2 years ago

    Dear lining:

    This is an really interesting topic for researching. From your writing I realize what education really affecting is your life attitude, and that’s how it affect us.

  5. Maria 2 years ago

    Dear lining:
    I am happy to read your story because some people want to get a good job and get more knowledge in college. I am interested in to know more about why people want to go college.

    Maria Malik

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