So I ask how I can support myself, while I feel lazy sometimes and I don’t want to do anything but if I have to support myself I have to also wake up and follow my dream.

It is interesting to me because it’s very very important to me to experience difficult and hard work else you get fed up. When you feel this way maybe you will give up achieve your dream. That means I have to charge myself by stimulating or learning from someone who has failed and how he passed that difficulty to be a success. In other words I will say I should hearing who had failed more than who had success because I could learn from who had failed because I will I appreciate the correct the mistakes he got. I will keep working ‘why not I can’t’ perseverance makes a success.

I will describe all that I already know about it, the success is not inevitable but it knocks between you and him.  At the end let’s see who will win, it means that if you fail in class or a goal that you don’t get yet. It doesn’t mean you are a loser. The loser means when you try one time or to two times and then you give up ‘this means you lose’ the success doesn’t come from one try or two. everyone who had successful he does fails many times, for example, like there is a famous man, his name is Thomas Alva Edison, ‘he made the light bulb’ Do you know how many times he fails? one-handed times to get successful! He is never giving up. I will say when I fail I will try again and try again and again even one hundred times I will attempt until when I get it, for a successful is not easy and at the same time is not impossible.





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