What’s your favorite word?


I’ve never really thought about this question but I guess “Dope” is my favorite word. A lot of people don’t even know what it is when I say it but that’s understandable because it has a lot of meanings. Its a slang word and i’m not even sure if it qualifies as a real word in the english dictionary but nevertheless, I like it for multiple reasons. It’s simple but complex because of its multiple meanings, looks good on paper, and sound smooth when you say it. I probably don’t even know the full meaning of dope but I think I know a lot about it.


The word for the most part means a type of drug like marijuana and is just a slang term for it. The second most known meaning to dope has a similar meaning to the word “cool” but it’s just a bit more ghetto. I personally don’t use it that much but when I do im very pleased in a way? It’s the type of word that I use when I hear good news or want to be cool referring marijuana. Of course I’ll only use it around people i’m cool with and never in a professional environment but it always pops into my head as a substitute for “ok”.


The word is literally dope if you know what I mean. Its visually stimulating in terms of its letter format having two vowels, four characters, and letters that dip below and over letters normal elevation (The long parts of the lowercase letters “d” and “p”. Their end points are as far as possible from each other.) Plus its Homer Simpson’s catchphrase which is one of my favorite cartoon characters.


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