To begin I have to define what is xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of the organ, cells or tissues of an animal to a humans.
I choose this application to study because many people needs organ transplant and the fact that scientist are facing problems that in the past seemed to be insurmountable, means we are close to say “Successful xenotransplantation is a fact”, therefore save many or give people a better quality of live.
While I’m searching for more information I’d like to know how the past tests of xenotransplantation have improve, how technology has help with this, and finally, what animal is more similar to human organs.


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  1. Lona 12 months ago

    Dear Naiara,

    Wow, thank you for posting about xenotransplantion! I was unfamiliar with the term so your post definitely taught me something new. I look forward to learning more from you about genetic engineering.

    So far, what surprises you most from your research?



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