My name is May. I’m from Burma. I lived in Woodside Ave near Jackson Heights. It has many traditional food shops and stores. Also have many 99$. And then near the subway station and bus stop. Jackson Heights Station has many trains R, M, E, F and 7 train. We can go easily to go to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing and Bronx. My neighborhood is very friendly with my family. My favourite place my neighborhood is Myanmar store and hair shop. I can get the many Burmese foods there. And I can export to some thing for my cousin. When I go there I meet many Burmese and I feel like happy.

My neighborhood have many schools including my school. I can take many trains. It’s really helpful. I don’t need to transfer to another bus or train. Train station and my house is not too far. I need to walk only 1 block.

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  1. Mamoun 2 years ago

    Dear May

    I am so excited by about with your write, “Some interesting places in Jackson Heights,” because you like something’s is close to your house That is wonderful, but if their traffic is gonna be a disturbance, One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Jackson Heights station has many trains, R, M, E, F, and 7 trains.”I think this is helpful because wherever you want to go is gonna be easy for you. your are lucky and take care.

    Your post is amazing reminds me of something that happened to me, One time when I was in Yemen my house was next to the supermarket.

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write.

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