What will I want to be when I grow up? I have a dream to become a teacher and my parents have the dream that I become doctor. I know more about teacher because when I was little I have so many different types of paper like attendance, different types of book and many more. I would like to know more about doctor too because I like to help other patient and also a lot of people say it’s a very good job. I would like to save people’s lives. I want to be work with people. I want to to know more about science because it can help in future very easy. For teacher I really want to know more about how to stop those students who bullied other student. I am worried that if I do not become doctor, my parents will be disappointment.

I searched my topic online and found an article on the ABC News website. According to a woman, Karen Dickenson, who went against her parents wishes by dropping out of college, according to she thinks her parents see her mainly as a disappointment. Some parents like Karen’s don’t want to let their children to make their own decisions. Karen also explains that some children are happy to make their own decision and they want to be successful in their life. She states that “They love me and we get along very well, but their reaction often leaves me feeling sad, nervous if I go through with something they are against, and sometimes even inadequate,” (ABC News website). In other words, some parents are nervous when their children go outside their expectations.  However, some children want to be happy in their own life. After reading this source, I understand that some children are going to go against their parents because they want to do everything by themselves. My topic and this topic are similar because our parents will be disappointment if we go to against them.


CC BY-SA 4.0 “Never Good Enough’ for Mom and Dad” by Maria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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